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Niztelecom is a telecom company established in 2002
Nizmobile is the mobile service brand of Niztelecom

Global Mobile !

Global Mobile

Online purchase anywhere worldwide

No delivery

Simple esim or airport pickup without delivery

Global Travel

Cheapest local mobile service for travel to Korea or worldwide

Nizmobile Service

Choose your own plan with various plans

Korea Mobile

K-sim Korea data/voice

KT Network best call quality

Choose days as you wish and self-recharge

K-Travel SIM / K-Daily SIM / K-Free SIM

Global sim-global data/voice

Worldwide best sim card ready

Easy and fast travel-Business partner

North America/EU/Asia worldwide sim card

Global mobile



MVNO plan launching

Best call quality with biggest discount

KT network, LGU+ network discounted plan

Global travel sim plan for you

Oversea travel necessity sim card
Please use cheaper and reliable Nizmobile items


Korea KT Unlimited








Australia/New Zealand




Asia 8 Countries (Vietnam, HongKong, Macao, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore)


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What we do

On the base of total communication services, Nizmobile is doing the best to develop the on/offline merged market platform for foreigners and global mobile service users, and the specialized internetphone solution platform also.

Int'l call service for company

Inertnet phone service for companies with the self-developed internet phone operation system

Internet phone service

With the specialized telecom solution developing experience, we succeeded to make various CRM solutions, phone-English solution, and internet phone/mVoIP/email merged solutions.

Mobile data router service

Mobile router for fast data service(Wifi-Egg), Through developing and providing various plans like fast data sim, we provide customized plans for foreginers and trvelers to Korea

Korea data sim

1/3/5/7/10/20/30 days unlimited fast data sim 4/10/2040 GB fast data sim, and etc, we provides various plans

Korea MVNO sercvice

Through partnership with major carriers like KT and LGU+, we provide data/text/voice service based on MVNO cheap prepaid network.

Providing global mobile service

To major retail companies, we provide major local carriers sim such as US, S.America, EU, Russia, CIS, China, HK, Macao, Taipei, Japan, and other Asia countries.

Local Marketing Partners

We are looking for local marketing partners for esim products !

If you are interested in global marketing of esim, please contact